Night at the Museum

An exciting and educational children’s group experience featuring an overnight campout at Walnut Grove! To schedule a trip, contact Julius Dargan at or (864)591-5596.

COST - $20 per person / GROUP SIZE - Minimum: 10 children & 10 adults; Maximum: 25 children & 25 adults


Walnut Grove - Brochure 3.jpg

Spend a night at Walnut Grove Plantation exploring colonial life in this exciting hands-on experience. March and drill as the soldiers did, make candles or bake bread over an open fire, construct a lean-to and learn what it took to survive on the frontier.

Example schedule:
5:00 Arrival & Orientation
5:30 Plantation Tour
6:30 Dinner
7:30 A Soldier’s Life: Fighting & Foraging
8:30 How to Survive Colonial Times: Lean-To Building
9:00 Cemetery Lantern Tour
10:00 Lights Out
6:00 Wake Up & Breakfast
7:30 Choose Your Own Adventure
8:30 Break Camp & Depart

Group camps overnight from 5:00pm until 9:00am on a Friday or Saturday night. Program available year-round, except for the last two weeks of September and the first week of October. Certain dates will not be available because of special events, programs, and/or site rentals. Group must use their own camping gear and supply all of their own food. Indoor restroom facilities are available but there are no showers.

To book a group campout contact us at 864-576-6546 or email
Please note this is a group educational experience. Neither Walnut Grove nor Price House have public campgrounds.