2019 Summer American Girl Camp

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2019 Summer American Girl Camp


Explore Spartanburg’s history from Native Americans to World

War II through the eyes of the American Girls. Learn about herbs

gardens, practice your quill writing, and do some real swing

dancing and much more!

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Campers will be dropped off at each day’s site (all within

Spartanburg County) at 9 a.m. and picked up at 12 p.m. All the

day’s activities will occur at that day’s site, there is no

transportation of campers by SCHA staff or volunteers. Crafts and

games each day! Water and snack will be provided.

Monday: Kaya at Walnut Grove Plantation

Tuesday: Felicity at Walnut Grove Plantation

Wednesday: Addy at Chapman Cultural Center

Thursday: Rebecca at the Chapman Cultural Center

Friday: Molly at the Chapman Cultural Center