Walnut Grove Plantation Beautification

Become a lasting part of the landscape of the Historic Walnut Grove Plantation

Join the Project

Join the Spartanburg County Historical Association in the beautification of these significant grounds.

All donations are welcome as we preserve the authentic experience of 18th century living while meeting the expectations of 21st century events through our rentals program.

Beautifications Project will include:

Phase I:

  • Installation of evergreen shrubbery upon entry
  • Signage and Gate Post lighting
  • Landscaping of Visitor Center with year round foliage
  • Landscaping of Pavilion perimeters

Phase II:

  • Planting of period appropriate landscaping around Manor House
  • Excavation and graveling of pathways
  • Crepe Myrtle maintenance
  • Herb Garden Design

Phase III:

  • Road to Fredonia excavation
  • Wagon Road Reopening with Fall Celebration
  • Moore Family Cemetery care and conservation